Producing hardanger in wire

Replicating hardanger embroidery in wire obviously requires a number of changes from the traditional method. The design is something to consider due to the nature of the materials. Some of the stitches cannot be replicated exactly and have to be modified. Wire just doesn’t like to be twisted that much!

To create the grid (originally linen cloth) I took three layers of gridded wire-mesh and overlapped them, off-setting them slightly. I then held the layers together with string. For the larger designs I had a specially made wooden frame to fix the wire mesh to: my very large embroidery hoop! This was required to hold the wire flat and it did help in reducing the scratches. Then I could start the sewing, which included safety glasses, carpenters gloves and some pliers.

Once the design had been stitched, I could start the cutting. This is when the wire started flying!

…….and after many hours of stitching and cutting it is completed. Now that I have five of them the next part of the process is to work out how to hang them for my graduating exhibition.

5 thoughts on “Producing hardanger in wire

  1. magical work..such patience Have you worked out the hanging yet.Maybe some clear plastic , thick enough to make them stand out from the wall, so that light can be used as well?I draw a picture to show you at printing.

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