Trace 2017

For the last couple of weeks I have had the enormous pleasure of being a part of the TRACE 2017 Biennial in West End. It is a project that exhibits a number of prominent Australian artist’s work in shops and businesses around West End. Additionally, it raises money for Community Plus+ and the services they provide for the local community. As the artist-in-residence for the project, I had the job of placing an identifier on each of the participating shop windows. A number of drawings were produced that were based on images of the people that worked in these businesses. Drawn directly onto the window they depict the movements of these people as they enacted their daily routines. It is a reflection of the repetition of their actions by literally tracing a sequence of time that occurs, with minor changes, many times during their day. The final work highlights the rhythm of their actions that come so naturally that they are rarely considered.



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