Artists:  Clinton Barker, Kenneth Beck, Sarah Haigh, Doreen Munn, Jeanette Stok

Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane

18 September – 29 September, 2018

Work included:

Maintaining Order, 2018Gutter guard and soft plastic garden tie, 2620 x 920 mm.

Gutter guard is an unusual ‘textile’ to work with as the weave is not square, like regular fabrics, but resembles a diamond. Consequently, this required the modification of conventional embroidery techniques in order to manipulate the material, explore patterns and play with the inherent limitations and possibilities of the weave. These manipulations, possibilities and restrictions are also ever present in the borders and barriers we create to control and maintain our world; barriers that are often dictated by fear rather than empathy.


2 thoughts on “Exteriors

  1. Your artwork is thought provoking. Moving over new borders can be likened to crossing into a new culture.
    Your idea of moving away from the ‘warp & weft’ structure has taken you to the structure found in Asia and the Pacific weaving without a loom.
    It reveals fascinating new but ancient forms.
    Great work Jeanette!
    I wish I could come to the opening Friday but will have to make it another time in the week.

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