Gladstone -Artist-in-Residence

For a week this year (27th June to the 3rd of July), I had the opportunity to work with a three amazing Gladstone artists: Jen Hollstein; Trisha Coleman; and Melissa Peacock. It was a case of third time lucky, as COVID had thwarted our plans on several occasions.

Gladstone was the perfect place to explore the theme of boats, a topic I had wanted to investigate due a family history of boat building. My great grandfather was himself a boat builder in The Netherland, a place which has a unique relationship to the sea evolving measures to both control and exploit the water. 

For a week, we chatted, bounced ideas around and made. It was thoroughly enjoyable experience. Massive thanks to The Ideas Distillery and Photopia Studio for the opportunity, the space, the photos and the company.

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