Point of Reference

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery

10th July -28th August, 2021

Exhibition Essay Written by Louise R Mayhew

Point of Reference is the first solo exhibition by Brisbane artist Jeanette Stok. Over the last decade she has been modifying traditional embroidery techniques for use with alternative materials, such as galvanised wire mesh and black plastic gutter guard. These non-textile materials, which are more commonly associated with the exterior than the domestic, allow her to create unusual patterns that are impossible with a needle and thread. They also encourage a reflection of the way identity and perspective is shaped through culture, adaptation and repetitive actions.

Artwork Included

Vault, 2021, Aluminium, plastic gutter guard, soft garden tie and wire, 2500 x 900 x 1350 mm.

Transposition, 2016, galvanised wire mesh, 0.7 mm wire, various sizes.

Protection, 2018, Galvanised wire and wire mesh, 730 x 550 x 350 mm. 

Denature, 2019, Gutter guard and soft plastic garden tie, 1580 x 930 mm.

to Hold, 2019, Gutter guard and soft plastic garden tie, 570 x 560 x 420 mm. 

Reflection, 2016, single channel video projection, 12.20 mins 

always hopes, 2021, Gutter guard and soft plastic garden tie, 2500 x 1600 x 190 mm. 

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