Point of Reference -Vacant Assembly

Jeanette Stok Point of Reference

Vacant Assembly, Project Space, July 2022 

During the month of July I was extremely fortunate to be able to exhibit and make in the Project Space at Vacant Assembly, West End. As with all residencies, it was an extremely enjoyable experience. Vacant Assembly has some beautiful textured walls that gave all my works a new life and feel.

Perfect time and space for making new friends, making new art and thinking.

Exhibited works:

Denature, 2019, Gutter guard and soft plastic garden tie, 1580 x 930 mm

to Hold, 2019, Gutter guard, soft plastic garden tie and aluminium stand 570 x 560 x 420 mm

always hopes, 2021, Gutter guard and soft plastic garden tie, 2500 x 1600 x 190 mm

Isolated Cadence, 2022, Gutter guard, soft garden tie , 550 x 1250 mm

Float, 2021, Galvanised wire, wire mesh, aluminium bars and steel brackets, 960 x 390 x 320 mm

Mutagenesis, 2017, Galvanised wire and wire mesh 2600 x 1620 mm

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