Group Show

Artists:   Kenneth Beck, Rose Moxham, Clinton Barker, Kazumi Daido, Jeanette Stok, Kelly Otto

Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Brisbane

27 September – 8 October, 2022

Work Included:

Legato, 2022, Gutter guard and soft plastic garden tie, 1850 x 1850 mm.

Proportionate Response III, 2022, Aluminium Fly screen, 0.7 mm fishing line, 0.7 black coated wire and crane swivels.

to Hold, 2019, Gutter guard, soft plastic garden tie and aluminium stand, 570 x 560 x 420 mm.

Isolated Cadence, 2022, Gutter Guard, soft plastic garden tie, 550 x 1250 mm.

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