30th May, 2016

On the 30th of May I set myself up in the foyer of the Ecosciences Precinct and drew the movement of people that was occurring in front of me with a blue pen. I used a roll of chart paper I gave myself a number of parameters: I was going to draw for 8 hours (8.30am-4.30pm); every 5 minutes I would move to a new section of chart paper; every hour I would give myself a 5 minute break; and when a person engaged with me directly I would switch to red pen as my focus was solely on that one person.

It was a strangely enjoyable experience. I encouraged the people passing by to come and have a chat and take a photo of me. It was a great way to meet people in the building and also to see how they responded to what I was doing. Some understood completely. One lady suggested that I should come back and just respond to the sound of the foyer over the day. I also filmed myself drawing, which additionally revealed how much I enjoyed people coming up to chat to me. When someone approached the table my deadpan facial expression was instantly converted to a huge grin and a lot of laughing.

Over the eight hours 26.4 m of drawing was generated. A visual map of how I experienced the day, from my very constrained but yet subjective view point. Here is an animation of that experience:

Photo credit: Kathy Mack

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